Antonia Díaz-Valdés Iriarte, PhD, MSW

Assistant Professor

Center clusters

health and aging, social relationships and cohesion, institutions and regulation

Areas of expertise

Social Security systems, aging, health and well-being at retirement, retirement timing, alcohol use and suicide, life course theory and productive aging, research methods, longitudinal data analysis


Ph.D in Social Work, Gerontology,Boston College, USA 2019
Master on Social Work,Catholic Pontific University of Chile, Chile 2014
Social Work, Lc Ba,Catholic Pontific University of Chile, Chile 2012

Ph.D on social work from Boston College (USA). I have teach research methodologies on undergraduate and graduate courses at Boston College and Catholic Pontific University of Chile, among other universities. I have conducted and collaborated on several research projects in India, Guatemala, USA and Chile, among others. My research focus are: retirement systems, retirement timing, planned retirement age, the effect of retirement on health and well-being, physical health among older adults, substance use and suicidal behaviors among adolescents, the intersection between retirement, depression and alcohol, food security and reading comprehension amog school-age children and the use and adoption of cleaner cooking stoves.

Other Affiliations

Boston College

Editorial Boards

Canadian Journal on Aging


Antonia Díaz-Valdés Iriarte, PhD, MSW Crea, T. M., Gruenfeld, E., Acevedo, J., Cerney, B., Medina, M., Hernandez, G., & Canelas O.

DOI 10.1007/s11125-017-9408-7

Magazine Perspectives [Revista Perspectivas], 24(1), pp. 193-209.

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