14 May 2020

Health and Society Reseach Center was awarded a grant to analize the association between politics and the evolution of COVID-19 in Chile

Lead by Dr. José Miguel Cabezas, researchers from CISS (Director Esteban Calvo and professors Álvaro Castillo, Antonia Díaz-Valdés, Teresita Rocha, Sergio Peña and Nicolás Montalva), the team will work on a proyect, which was awarded a grant from the Columbia Global Center, Santiago. The aim of the project is to analize how the poliitcal measures adopted by the chilean gobernment have inlfuenced the evolution of the pandemic. For more details: https://www.diariomayor.cl/investigacion/ciencia/1791-investigacion-centro-ciss-se-adjudica-fondo-para-analizar-la-relacion-entre-politica-y-la-evolucion-de-la-pandemia

26 March 2020

Dr. Castillo and Dr. Calvo in collaboration with colleagues from Columbia University (NYC) y Universidad Católica of Uruguay, published an article regarding the trajectories of marijuana use in Chile and Uruguay

Doctor Alvaro Castillo Carniglia and Doctor Esteban Calvo from the Society and Research Center (CISS) — in collaboration with Columbia University at New York and Universidad Católica of Uruguay— Published an article titled "Trends in marijuana use in two Latin‐American countries: an age, period, and cohort study". EThis article was publish in one of the most important jorunals about substance use in the world: Addiction https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/add.15058

24 March 2020

Dr. Peña presented at the annual online "Climate 2020" conference about the climate change and threats to biodiversity

Dr. Peña presented about "Climate Change and Threats to Biodiversity: Adverse Effects of Climate Change, Concept, and Prevention of Problems for Solutions on Current Effects on Biodiversity" at the annual online "Climate 2020" conference on March 24.

16 March 2020

Dr. Montalva presented in the research talks at University of Tarapacá, organized by the Department of Antropology

This past March 12th Dr. Montalva, professor at CISS, gave a presentation titled "The colective property and the comunity: genetics, family and inequality in agricultural comunities located at Norte Chico". This conference was organized by the Antropology Department of the University of Tarapacá in Chile.


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