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Nicolás Montalva, PhD

Assistant Professor

Center clusters

health and aging, social relationships and cohesion

Areas of expertise

bioanthropology, anthropological genetics, human ecology, cultural and biological evolution


PhD Anthropology,University College London 2015
Physical Anthropologist,Universidad de Chile 2016
B.Sc. Anthropology,Universidad de Chile 2008

I am a physical anthropologist specialised in anthropological genetics and evolutionary ecology. My research interests are centred in the study of the effects of subsistence systems and social structures in human biology, employing quantitative methods from population genetics, demography and multivariate statistics, in combination with qualitative data obtained through extended fieldwork.

I have researched the microevolutive effects of transhumant milking agropastoralism among the Agricultural Communities of the Coquimbo Region in Chile, focusing on a combined scenario of hostile environmental conditions, paramount importance of milking pastoralism in herder’s livelihood, and the complex regional history of admixture. These factors result in an ideal model to test costs and benefits of carrying genes allowing lactose digestion.

Currently I am researching the effects of emigration and the changes in social norms of succession and inheritance of commoners’ rights in the Agricultural Communities of the Coquimbo Region in Chile (Fondecyt Iniciación N° 11160402). Since commoners’ rights, surnames and genes are transferred to descendants in analogue fashions, this research can combine genetic, genealogic, and ethnographic data to reconstruct possible histories of changes in systems of succession and inheritance, with the aim of quantify probabilities of different scenarios using Bayesian statistics and phylogenetic comparative methods.

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26 October 2022

Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,


Catherine J. E. Ingram, Nicolás Montalva & Dallas M. Swallow

06 October 2022

José M. Cabezas, PhD , Teresita Rocha-Jiménez, PhD, MA , Nicolás Montalva, PhD , Esteban Calvo, PhD, MsPH , Álvaro Castillo Carniglia, PhD, MSc , ijerph191912791

Katjana Wiederkehr, Caroline Mai, José M. Cabezas, Teresita Rocha-Jiménez, Tamara Otzen, Nicolás Montalva, Esteban Calvo, Alvaro Castillo-Carniglia

26 May 2022

Pablo Varas , Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,

Pablo José Varas Enríquez, Luseadra McKerracher, Nicolás Montalva Rivera

03 March 2022

Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,

Constanza P. Silva, Constanza de la Fuente Castro, Tomás González Zarzar, Maanasa Raghavan, Ayelén Tonko-Huenucoy, Felipe I. Martínez, Nicolás Montalva

22 August 2019

Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,


Montalva N.

27 September 2018

Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,


Montalva M, Adhikari K, Liebert A, Mendoza-Revilla J, Flores SV, Mace R, Swallow DM.

Human Genetics 136(11-12):1445-1453.

Liebert, A., López, S., Jones, B. L., Gerbault, P., Lau, W., Thomas, M., Bradman, N., & Swallow,

21 September 2016

Nicolás Montalva, PhD ,

American Journal of Human Biology 28:213–219.

Fernández, C., Arias, M., Hevia, M., Moraga, M., & S. Flores

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