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Sergio Peña-Neira, PhD, DEA, MA

Associate Professor

Center clusters

health and aging, institutions and regulation

Areas of expertise

international law, philosophy and legal theory, institutions and comparative and international regulation, aging and disability, environment (climate change and biodiversity)


Postdoctorado, Brandon Research Fellow, Lauterpacht Center,U. of Cambridge, 2018 (Profs. Weller/Benvenisti), King´s College London 2018
Doctorado en Derecho,Universidad Internacional de Andalucía 2014
DEA (Magíster) Estudios Avanzados en Derecho,Universidad Internacional de Andalucía 2011
Investigación predoctoral,Alemania, Universidad de Hedeilberg, sede Santiago 2013
Licenciado en Ciencias Jurídicas,Universidad de Aconcagua 2008
Licenciado/Magíster en Relaciones Internacionales y de la UE y Administración,Universidad de Amsterdam 2000

Sergio Peña-Neira, Associate Professor and Researcher at the Universidad Mayor, Santiago (Faculty of Law, Society and Health Centers). He has done postdoctoral research: King's College London, Professors Raz and Zumbansen (Transnational Law Institute), University of Cambridge (Lauterpacht Center as Brandon Research Fellow) Professors Weller and Benvenisty, Doctor of Law from the International University of Andalusia, 2014, Diploma of Studies Advanced (ibid), LLB, LLL in Law (honors) (Aconcagua), Executive Master (Amsterdam). More than 26 years of work in the academic field from Assistant (Professors Rivacoba, García Huidobro) to Associate Professor. Professor Dr. Peña-Neira has been a researcher in Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (Professor Young), University of California Santa Barbara, Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University and author of more than 10 books, 25 articles (peer-reviewed indexed journals) contributing 10 books in Spanish, English and German. He has received Scholarships from the Hague Academy of International Law (External Course 2011), Cambridge University: Lauterpacht Research Center for International Law (Brandon Research Fellow 2017-18), Heidelberg University (Summer course on human rights, 2013). Likewise, Dr. Peña Neira is a member of the research line "State of international law" (a research project of the NAUM) and of the Chilean Public Policy, International Law, Law Philosophy, International Law Association and Association European of international organizations. Law. He is working on several articles related to his lines of research: regulation (international, national and comparative), effects of climate change on biodiversity, age, disability. He has been directed almost 40 thesis at the undergraduate level, 10 at master level and at this moment 1 at the Ph.D level. As well colleagues and students from the area of law, public policy and political science have taken part in Pena-Neira´s section of law and public policy.

Other Affiliations

MIT (ClimateCoLab), KCL (Transnational Law Institute), Chilean Societies of Public Policy, International Law, Philosophy of Law, International Law Association and European Association of International Law.

Editorial Boards

International Journal of Ecological Economics

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Sergio Peña-Neira, PhD, DEA, MA ,

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